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Internship Detail

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Description: Editorial assistant internship offering an opportunity to learn a wide range of publishing skills, from acquisitions and production to publicity, foreign rights, and special sales, to production or marketing for an independent publishing company with a growing list of adult nonfiction and fiction titles as well as children and YA. Work would be on the forthcoming as well as the current or backlist (previously published) titles.
Length of Internship: one or more semesters
Requirements: Must be for credit only. For those entering their sophomore, junior, senior year when the internship starts. Able to multi task. Interested in learning about all phases of publishing not just one, such as editorial. For the telecommuting part of the internship, you will need to have access to a computer and the Internet when you are off-site. Job includes: some research, writing, and editing; learning about foreign rights, subsidiary rights, and sales; order fulfillment; preparing and updating a catalogues; publicity and marketing. PLEASE HAVE ALL THE CONTACT INFORMATION AND REQUIREMENTS FROM THE INTERNSHIP OFFICE OF YOUR SCHOOL. A non-disclosure agreement is also requirement. Personality/professional skills and traits: hardworking; good at follow-up; detail-oriented; able to write excellent prose; open to a variety of publishing tasks and skills from editorial and sales to production and marketing
Location: Off-site/telecommuting for a minimum of 10 hours a a telecommuting capacity. (A pre-paid phone card will be provided for long distance phone calls.)
Application Due Date: August 22-30th (until filled) (for Fall)
October 15-Nov 1 (until filled) (for Spring)
January 15-February 1 (until filled) (for Summer)
Payment: for credit only
How To Apply For This Internship: Send an e-mail ( with a brief note about your goals for this internship and your career goals in general. Include up to 25-50 words on why you think you want this internship at an independent publishing company, particularly ours. Include your resume within your e-mail. NO ATTACHMENTS. ANY E-MAIL THAT INCLUDES AN ATTACHMENT WILL BE DELETED UNREAD. Please familiarize yourself with at least one or two of our titles before you apply.
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