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Company Location(s): New York City
Imprints: Barbara Bauer Literary Agency represents quality children's fiction and nonfiction projects, as well as picture books. The agency also represents selected nonfiction subjects like art, cooking, psychology, parenting, crafts, politics,history, science,biography, memoir and faith-based materials, and all types of commercial, mainstream, literary and category novels and fiction. We also sell film and dramatic rights. Now accepting new submissions. Write or call for guidelines
Description: Query first by mail, phone or on our web site. Include your postal address for free guidelines We are known for the placement of first time authors and their work and have had enormous success in this area.
Now accepting submissions of fiction and nonfiction for adults and children.
The agency mentors selected applicants for remote internships.
Company Website:
Phone: 917-683-3403
Fax: 732-566-1213
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