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Publishing Events is sponsored by the Association of American Publishers, the leading trade association for the U.S. book and journal publishing industry.

Success Stories

“To enter the world of book publishing is any recent college grad’s dream. You’re constantly surrounded by books, and by people who love them just as much as you do.” – Kiera Haley, Copy Assistant, RHPG, Random House, Inc.



“A career in book publishing offers great opportunities to continually learn new things and to surround yourself with creative people who think about the world in a different way. There is an emphasis on intelligence, entrepreneurial spirit, and creative thinking that isn’t always prized in other industries, but that is definitely encouraged throughout book publishing.” – Alaina Mauro, Assistant Publishing Manager and Media Suite Coordinator, Penguin Group (USA)



“What I love most about publishing (besides books) is that it’s constantly evolving. I’ve spent most of my career on the business side of publishing, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is an excellent time in publishing for people who have a good feel for books as well as the numbers.” – Kitt Allan, Vice President & Publisher, Professional Trade Division, John Wiley & Sons



 “For a lawyer, few industries raise more interesting legal issues than book publishing does, and few clients are more fun to work with than book people.” – Paul Sleven, Associate General Counsel, Holtzbrinck Publishers



“I always wanted to be a professional bookworm; working on books from conception to publication satisfies that dream.” – Tenessa Gemlke, Assistant Editor, Routledge



“In addition to being a great reference tool for book publishing, is a valuable recruitment source. The site attracts people interested in working in the industry and helps educate those new to the business. We’ve been impressed with applicants from the site—they are informed job seekers who have targeted their job searches—and have made several successful hires!” – Penguin Group (USA)’s Recruitment Team



It’s a big thrill for me to read books for a living. A long-time hobby has become my career and I feel a great sense of pride when I tell people what I do.” – Adaobi Tulton, Senior Project Editor, John Wiley & Sons



“I feel like I am surrounded by like-minded people who are interested in ideas, like to read, and want their work to be meaningful. In publishing, you feel that you are involved in something deeper and most lasting.” – Allyson Edelhertz, Editorial Assistant, Simon & Schuster



“I truly think a job publishing is one of the best kept secrets out there, and working with fantastic people on amazing material is more than I ever hoped for during my job search. I am constantly surprised at how passionate everyone in publishing is about what we’ve accomplished and where we’re headed as an industry. Working at Random House in particular has been a great experience—with some of history’s most influential authors on our backlist coupled with the opportunity to work with the most exciting new authors out there now, I couldn’t ask for a better place to start a career in publishing.” – Nora O'Malley, Publicity Assistant, Crown Publishing Group, Random House, Inc.



“A career in book publishing, especially in Rights, is so satisfying because it’s never the same thing twice, every day brings a new idea, a new place to go, a new person to talk to about a great new book. Books matter to people, and talking about books, and helping to make books “happen,” matters to me!” – Kris Kliemann, Vice President and Director-Global Rights, John Wiley & Sons



“I got to places I like, talk with people I like about things I like, and they pay me for it.” – Gary Cate, Sales Representative, Holtzbrinck Publishers



“There is no better feeling than knowing that you have helped an author get the word out about his or her book and seeing the positive results in the media. Being a publicist is the perfect combination of writing, sales, and marketing.” – Heather N. Drucker, Senior Publicist, Tor/Forge Books



“In publishing, you cannot escape the exciting fact that you are enlivening someone’s imagination. I have only been working here a short while, but already I sense the special comradery that exists among people who know they are part of something that has the power to shape and drive human curiosity. Each day, I walk out with the same smile I walk in with.” – Joe Muscolino, Digital Sales/Business Development Assistant, Random House, Inc.



“One of the most rewarding aspects of designing books is knowing that I’m designing something that people can hold and cherish, give as gifts, learn from, or make memories of. I feel privileged to be part of creating something that—in some small way—makes a difference in people’s lives.” –Jeanne L. Hogle, Associate Director, Art, HarperCollins Publishers



“I can hardly imagine a job more satisfying than being a part of the creative force that brings inspirational, nurturing, stimulating literature for youth into the world. It’s a wonderful feeling.” –Jen Weiss, Associate Editor, Children’s Books, Simon & Schuster



“From my very first day on the job, I’ve felt at home in the publishing industry. Each day I find myself surrounded by the most passionate and dedicated people, who are as committed to creating great books as I am. This is a place where your biggest challenges give way to your greatest rewards and at the end of the day, you can physically hold the end result in your hands.” – Lili Sutton, Copyrights& Permission Assistant, Random House, Inc.



“Publishing has so much to offer – you work alongside a smart, well-rounded, creative, and diverse group of people. You spend your time talking about and immersing yourself in the written word. You have a chance to combine your personal passions with your professional commitments. Best of all, it exposes you to a wide range of disciplines, all rolled up into publishing – writing/editing, art/design, marketing/publicity, sales, finance, manufacturing et al. On top of all that, you are involved in something more meaningful than a simple commercial endeavor, you are part of something important and noble – the spreading of ideas, viewpoints and knowledge." – Jason Prince, Vice-President, Publisher, Sterling Publishing



“The publishing industry is vastly changing, and it’s great to know that there are ever growing resources to get a head-start in the industry, such as Working in Rights Management has allowed me to interact with publishers and agents from around the world, with people who are not afraid of future technology and business strategies in this industry. It’s what makes Publishing an exciting place to be.” – Sharmeen Islam, Rights Management-Contracts Associate, Random House, Inc.



“Publishing is an old, enduring industry that’s going through exciting technological changes. If you’ve ever worked on publications at school or with friends, then you know the thrills of bringing a new voice, idea, and story to a wide audience. It takes a large, dedicated to team to get that book out there, and helped me find my ‘in!’” – Sarah Davis, Children’s Book Design, Penguin Group (USA)



“In publishing, you cannot escape the exciting fact that you are enlivening someone’s imagination. After only working here a short while, I could already sense the special camaraderie that exists among people who know they are part of something that has the power to shape and drive human curiosity. Each day, I walk out with the same smile I walk in with.” – Joe Muscolino, Digital Sales/Business Development Assistant, Random House, Inc.



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