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Internship Detail

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Description: Launch an e-book web platform for Wahida Clark Presents Publishing.
1. Study the e-book market.
2. Make a well-detailed plan and give suggestions (software, design, web platform) adapted to our company.
3. Once it is approved, apply this project according to a determined schedule.
4. Work in close relation with the Editorial, Design and Marketing departments.
Length of Internship: flexible
Requirements: marketing and/or computer science degrees. Knowledge and/or experience in working on e-books preferred. You must know about the different e-book formats (epub, pdf, mobi) and have an understanding of how Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks and Digital Edition work. Applicants should be motivated and organized, have initiative and be eager to develop new projects.
Location: E. Orange, NJ
Application Due Date: 3/31/11
Payment: unpaid internship
How To Apply For This Internship: email "E-book Project Manager Application" in the email subject line.
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