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Internship Detail

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Description: Publisher's Assistant
? Negotiate and draft Author/Publisher contracts;
? Prepares manuscripts for publication by working with the author either by phone or letter on large-scale issues about the book: Are the characters believable and involving? Is the plot interesting, or are there lulls that might be fixed? Is the book too short or too long to satisfy a reader (and to be published at a reasonable price)? In a nonfiction manuscript, is the reader presented with the most up-to-date information?
? Line-editing: going through the book sentence-by-sentence to suggest word changes, fix stilted dialogue, delete repetitions, or move information around so that the story flows smoothly;
? Copy-editing: correct spelling and punctuation errors, question any remaining awkwardness in the way the author expresses himself, and will mark up the text with standard symbols to instruct the typesetter how it should set the book in type;
? Proofread page-proofs created by the compositor and cover art;
? Assist with back cover content on jackets, web content, advertisements for newspapers, radio, television, magazines, and other material;
? Assists graphic artist with jacket design and promotional materials;
? Assist with the scheduling of book signings and other appearances;
? Assist with the development and implement of marketing plan, market research, target audience analysis, price setting, and media planning;
? Outsource typesetters, distributors, manufacturers, and illustrators;
? Distribute press releases, galleys, and other promotional materials related to authors' literary work to media outlets, book clubs, and bookstores;
? Assist with tracking book sales;
Length of Internship: Flexible
Requirements: Experience at Publishing House as well as publishing courses.
BA in English
Location: E. Orange, NJ
Application Due Date: 03.30.2011
Payment: We would like applicants who can work from 25-30 hours a week. These are unpaid internships. But if you are eligible to receive credit from your college or university, we can work that out.
How To Apply For This Internship: email resume and cover letter to must put 'Publishers Assistant Internship 2nd qtr 2011' in subject line.
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