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Internship Detail

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Description: As a mid-sized general trade and children's book publisher with more than 1,500 titles in print, Pelican Publishing Company offers interns a complete overview of the publishing industry. Pelican offers an intern the opportunity to receive hands-on experience and polish communication talents in an intimate, supervised atmosphere. The internship requires an individual who is both responsible and versatile. An effort is made to show the variety of skills needed to work in the industry.

This internship is supervised by the sales manager and has an emphasis on sales activities. Assuming a full work week, the breakdown of time by department would be approximately as follows: editorial ? day, promotion 1 days; production ? day; sales 2 ? days; with perhaps ? day per week spent in various departmental meetings to get an overview of the operation.

Position Description:
For students and others interested in exploring the publishing industry, Pelican Publishing offers an internship at its office in New Orleans, LA, with an emphasis on sales. The sales department coordinates the placement of books in retail outlets via a wealth of distribution channels. This department also sets up all author book events, including autographings and book talks. Interns will assist staff in maintaining and analyzing data pertaining to inventory, sales, and title information while learning about the ways in which the department utilizes marketing techniques to directly reach customers.

Representative Sales Tasks:
Data analysis: Accessing wholesaler internet databases to analyze inventory and sales information for Pelican titles
Research: Researching new customer leads; internet and phone research to update customer contact information for the database
Event Coordination: Assist staff with planning and setting up author tours and signing
Analysis: Undertaking competitive market analysis; providing information on the sales history of Pelican titles for periodic meetings.
Data Review: Reviewing Pelican title information on internet retailers such as

Other Departmental Tasks:
Editorial: manuscript review, submission evaluation, returning rejected manuscripts, proofreading (depending upon skill level), checking corrected proofs, checking books at the blueline stage, copyediting author indexes.
Promotion: writing promotional copy; preparing galleys for advance review or sending out actual books; updating the media database; filing of correspondence, reviews, etc.

Production: formatting posters, page corrections, etc., based on production specifications and style sheets; routing proofs; copying jackets and layouts; preparing book mock-up materials; updating the production report.

Miscellaneous: Interns may work in other departments, such as customer service, and warehousing, depending upon needs and availability.

Other information:
College Credit: Interns can receive college credit (usually equal to one class) for their time at Pelican. Arrangements must be made with a college advisor.
Hours: Regular hours are 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Pelican prefers that interns work 40 hours per week. Part-time internships are also possible. The intern is expected to call if something prevents him/her from coming in.
Books: The intern should be familiar with Pelican's lists of titles. (See
Length of Internship: Internships are available year-round and last a minimum of 8 weeks. Arrangements are sometimes made to work less due to school requirements, or more according to the intern's wishes and availability of office space.
Requirements: Required Skills:
*A strong interest in the book industry
*Responsibility and versatility
*Flexibility to perform a variety of tasks
*Familiarity with Microsoft Office Applications
*Familiarity and prior experience with corporate databases (helpful, but not required)
Location: Gretna, LA
Application Due Date: Summer Internship - April 10
Fall Internship - August 1
Spring Internship - December 1
Payment: The internship is an unpaid position.
How To Apply For This Internship: Send resumes and a cover letter to:

Antoinette de Alteriis
Promotion Director/Intern Coordinator

FOR STUDENTS: Every intern applicant from outside New Orleans must include a letter from his/her parent/guardian indicating that the parent/guardian knows the student is applying for an unpaid internship in New Orleans.

Submissions can be sent via e-mail. Attachments should be numbered and named per the applicant's last name. For example: Smith1.doc, Smith2.doc. Email submissions should state the total number of included attachments.
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