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Internship Detail

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Description: For people with a love of reading who are interested in entering the publishing world, either as a future editor or literary agent, the contracts internship at Foundry is ideal. This internship gives experience in the slightly less glamorous, back-end duties of an agency. You will spend your time familiarizing yourself with the foreign rights and contracts departments, and keeping records up-to-date and organized. You will also be given the opportunity to read and evaluate submissions.

You’ll spend time working on various special projects that will greatly increase your understanding of how the publishing industry works. Among others, projects may include updating royalty statement records, assisting in contracts tracking, and managing the distribution of foreign editions.

If your school or career center requires it, we can provide academic credit for your time with us. Otherwise, we are able to offer a small stipend for travel expenses and lunch.
Length of Internship: September 5, 2017 -- December 2017
Requirements: 1. Candidates must be working towards a bachelor’s degree or post-graduate degree. Recent college graduates may also apply for the position.
2. Analytical/critical eye with an ability to provide a concise opinion in writing.
3. No experience in the publishing field is necessary, although a definite plus.
4. A two day commitment is preferred, although one day applications will be considered. Work and academic schedules will be accommodated.
Location: New York, NY
Application Due Date: August 3, 2017
How To Apply For This Internship: Send a cover letter and resume BY AUGUST 3RD to Claire Harris at Please make the subject line “Contracts Internship, Fall 2017”
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