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Internship Detail

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Description: Dalkey Archive Press is currently offering a paid internship in book marketing. In order to take full advantage of what this internship offers, candidates must have previous experience in book selling and marketing and have evidence they are ready to take a next step in their professional development. The value of this internship will be in creating a verifiable track record of successfully marketing books. Time may be split between the Press’s offices in Illinois and Texas.
Length of Internship: Minimum 3 months; may be extended to a second three months depending upon results of the first three months.
Requirements: Clear indication of previous experience in book marketing, (e.g., working in a bookstore); in addition to excellent writing and reading skills in English, deep background in literature from the ancients to contemporary writers, as well as solid reading background in books published by Dalkey Archive and the literary traditions it fosters, as well as a general knowledge of the other arts (painting, music, film, drama); advanced computer skills and knowledge.
Location: Mclean, IL
Application Due Date: Ongoing until filled, but applicants are encouraged to apply early
Payment: $1500 per month
How To Apply For This Internship: Send a complete CV with three references and a cover letter that should address both reading background and any relevant experience in marketing. Only complete applications will be considered, and interviews will be required of finalists. Internships are intended only for those who have already decided that they are pursuing careers in publishing rather than “testing” their level of interest. Only applicants will be contacted whom the Press will want to interview. Send all materials electronically to: Jake Snyder ( and put “marketing internship” in the subject heading.
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