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Internship Detail

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Description: We have positions for up to three editing interns. Each position will have a different focus. Please note that these are unpaid internships.

SUBMISSIONS EDITOR: This intern will take a look at submissions and help decide if it is something we should accept for publication or not. When a final decision is made, the submissions editor will be the one to let the author know of the acceptance or rejection of the manuscript. There will be opportunities for doing some editing, as well as some marketing and other aspects of publishing if the intern shows interest and skill in these areas.

CONTENT EDITOR: This is the first step of the editing process after a manuscript has been accepted. This intern will need to show skill at looking at the overall flow of the story and pointing out plot gaps, discrepancies, and other things that need to be corrected to help the overall flow of the story. This is looking at the "big picture" of the book as a whole. This intern will work under the supervision of the editor-in-chief, and upon showing competence in the job, will then be put in touch with the author to work directly with them on the revisions. Guidance and teaching will be provided to the editor on how to work with the author on this, and what to expect.

COPY EDITOR: This is the second stage of editing. After a manuscript has been content edited, it will be this intern's job to go through the manuscript line by line and word for word looking for spelling errors that spellcheck didn't catch, as well as punctuation and grammar mistakes. This editor will look for verb tense usage and proper sentence structure. A style guide will be provided, and the intern will work under the supervision of the editor-in-chief who will check the work and offer guidance and advice to the intern.
Length of Internship: Minimum three months, can be longer if the intern is agreeable
Requirements: This is an internet based internship, so you will work on your own time from your own home. You will need a computer and internet access. You will need the ability to handle Microsoft word docs. The schedule is very flexible, but deadlines are important, and good communication is important. We do understand that you may have school and work that you are trying to juggle, but we still need to stick to deadlines and be professional in all dealings.

Please note that some of the work we publish is nonfiction, and some is fiction. These are handled differently, and one intern may be a better fit for a certain genre or style than another. We are willing to find the fit that is best for the intern.

We are also partnered with another company, Pro Se Press, that only does fiction. Most of the writing with Pro Se is of an old pulp style, which has it's own unique style. Interns interested in this may be placed with Pro Se instead of Dreaming Big, but will still be under the supervision of the same person (who works for both companies).
Location: Internet based.
Application Due Date: Ongoing
Payment: No monetary compensation. Interns have access to any ebooks that they would like to read, get publishing credits on every book they help produce, and are also given the opportunity to have their own writing published.
How To Apply For This Internship: email Kristi at or use the website contact form.

All applicants will get a response. If you don't hear from us, that means your application was lost, so please send it again. You will get an answer one way or the other.
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