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Internship Detail

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“There’s a supreme lack of diversity in book publishing at every level, from editors, to publishers to librarians and book reviewers,” says publisher Jason Low. The problem is grave: nearly 90% of books reviewed in the New York Times are authored by white writers, and only 22% of books featured in the London Review of Books in 2014 were written by women.

We are trying to break free from this industry-wide norm, by bringing in an intern who will specifically focus on assisting the editorial team in expanding the diversity of our author base. Our company mission is, “Connecting people and ideas to create a world that works for all,” and we publish books on social and business reform. We are highly motivated to battle the trends that dominate the book publishing industry. We are ambitious to be an industry leader, in terms of inclusivity and overcoming bias.

That’s where you come in. The amount of research, planning, and action that will be needed to increase our author diversity is immense. We need more hands on deck, especially people with a passion for diversity issues, and strong research skills.


We’re currently in the process of designing the research program that will support our author diversity initiative. So far, we know it will include: surveying authors; interviewing authors, editors, and potential authors; research on successful authors from under-represented groups who have published on our topics; financial research; action research; and online research. We’ll also be researching what kind of training our staff is going to need to succeed, what new kinds of hires and relationships we will need to build, and how to overcome implicit bias.

We’ll be blogging our entire journey of research and training so that everyone can learn from our successes and mistakes! There will be a whole team of staff working on this— but they’ll be trying to fit in the time on top of their other full-time responsibilities, so your help doing the legwork will be invaluable in terms of getting enough hours invested in this to get the job done. Your fresh perspectives and your research training from college will also be invaluable.


MEET BESTSELLING AUTHORS. Berrett-Koehler has very close relationships with its authors; each author of a Berrett-Koehler book gets flown down to our office for a day of collaboration with our staff. If you intern for Berrett-Koehler Publishers, you’ll get the opportunity to have great conversations with these leading activists and consultants who are trying to make a better world. Also, free lunch when the authors come.

BUILD STAND-OUT COMMUNICATION SKILLS. You’ll have the chance to hone your writing skills under the tutelage of the best editors in the business, and publish important articles on our website. You’ll build the skill base people use for making online messages go viral.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE. This is a unique opportunity to really change the course of our company, and we’ll be thrilled to have you come in and help. You’ll build your quantitative and qualitative research skills and get a sense for the political process of getting things accomplished within a semi-democratic company.

Length of Internship: September-December 2015 (Fall Semester)
Requirements: • We’re looking for someone with background and knowledge on social justice and diversity issues; but who also has patience, tact, and compassion for those who are less educated on these issues.
• We’re looking for someone who loves research and is strongly motivated by curiosity, and has some understanding of both qualitative and quantitative research methods.
• We’re looking for someone who loves sharing their authentic writing with others (blogging and social media experience a plus).
• And, we’re definitely looking for someone with a strong sense of humor.
Location: 1333 Broadway Ste 1000 Oakland, CA 94610 (right on 12th St BART stop)
Application Due Date: September 10th, 2015
Payment: Class Credit
How To Apply For This Internship: To Apply: If you would like to apply, please email the following to Charlotte Ashlock at the email address

• Explain in your cover letter why the project described in this ad is interesting to you.
• Attach three samples of your past writing. Any piece you feel proud of will do, whether it’s formal or informal, academic or non-academic.
• Attach a resume.

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