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Internship Detail

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Description: Join our Amazing Book Publishing Team!

If you are passionate about the book publishing industry or have ever tried to get a job in the field, you will know that it is nearly impossible. Schools now offer a master's degree in book publishing, followed by unpaid internships, minimum-wage editorial positions. All this work and you still have the knowledge in the back of your mind that the industry is dying.

Silvestri Books hopes to change this. We're hoping to break young people into the industry, train them to navigate the modern era of publishing, and also campaign to increase reading nationwide.

Should you be interested in joining our team you will help in every step – from selection to shelf.

Currently the position is unpaid. It is a minimum commitment (one meeting per week, some at-home work) and will improve your resume and references should you hope to continue in the business.
Length of Internship: 9 Months (September 2015-May 2015)
Requirements: Passion for books is a must.

Must have a skill that you can bring to our company-- editorial, social media, business, photography, web design, film, or design.

Students are preferred, young graduates are considered.

Must be available 5-10 hours per week.
Location: San Francisco, California
Application Due Date: 08/30/15
Payment: Unpaid
How To Apply For This Internship: When applying please tell us a bit about yourself, include a sample of your work, and state your availability. Tell us why you're interested in the industry and what your favorite book is.

Must be reliable and plan on staying in the bay area for the next year.

We look for students or young professionals in one of the following:

- Photography, Film or Graphic Design

- Law

- Editorial or Business

- PR/Social Media

- Web Design/ App/ Software
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