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Company Location(s): New York,NY
Number of Employees: 4
Description: Storytelling. Across platforms, devices, formats, territories, currencies, & generations.

The Movable Type Literary Group seeks to meet the needs of an industry in transition by serving authors and publishers at each point on the creative continuum, that long line that leads from an inchoate idea to its incarnation in the marketplace. With this mission in mind, MTLG guides authors through four distinct zones of management, each of which contributes to the mission of helping talented writers produce significant books and foster prosperous, generative careers.

* The careful development of properties
* The responsible sale of rights
* The creative promotion of published work
* The conscious crafting of brand and care of self

As traditional publishing roles are redefined, the staff of MTLG offers a more expansive kind of representation, providing authors advocacy, support, and resources far beyond the negotiation table. MTLG emphasizes two innovations: a) collaboration among clients who compose a community of multimedia artists, and b) support for authors for the length of their career, making use of our strategic partnerships with public relations firms, web developers, serial and subsidiary rights managers, financial consultants, and career counselors.
Company Website:
Phone: 6464846419
Fax: 6468105757
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