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Company Name: MUZE INC.
Company Location(s): New York, NY
Description: Muze is the leading independent provider of innovative media information solutions and media preview and discovery services to retailers, social networks, Internet destinations, consumer electronics manufacturers, and mobile services providers. Muze enables and drives retail revenue associated with the sale of entertainment products and services and helps companies to develop audiences and attract subscribers in social networking and mobile environments. We accomplish this by providing our customers with comprehensive databases of entertainment information, rich editorial content, as well as media preview and sample services that facilitate more frequent and longer engagements with consumers, as they search for and discover actors, composers, artists, films, music tracks, books, games and more. Muze enables these companies to engage and retain their consumers with enhanced search functionality, navigation-enabled information about entertainers and their work, digital images, and media discovery capabilities.

Muze's feature-rich database of metadata provides consumer facing businesses and content owners the ability to better monetize their destination sites, customer base, and their entertainment media inventory by making content discovery, navigation, recommendation, and playback of media much simpler proposition for their end users. Today, media information is more than an enhancement to a service, it's a necessity without which consumers would not be able to find what they are looking for.

Muze's normalized, consistent, and cross-linked metadata and rich editorial provides companies a complete and in-depth catalog of information on media products. This content shortens time-to-market and allows consumers to discover, share or purchase the products more efficiently, more frequently, and at a higher "value added" margins. Muze's media information serves all four key consumer entertainment categories: video, music, games and books.

Muze was founded in 1991 and maintains offices in New York and London.
Type(s) of Publisher: Alternative Media
Company Website:
Phone: (212) 824-0300
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