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Company Name: APEX PRESS
Subsidiary of: Council on International and Public Affairs
Company Location(s): New York, NY
Imprints: Poclad Books
Books per Year: 4-5
Number of Employees: 3
Description: The Apex Press is a small independent publishing arm of a human rights education, research and advocacy nonprofit organization, the Council on International and Public Affairs. It publishes books on international relations and democracy.
The Apex Press was launched by the Council on International and Public Affairs in 1990 to publish books providing critical analyses of and new approaches to significant economic, social, and political issues in the United States and throughout the world. It has a special focus on economic and social justice, including the impacts of corporations on society and democracy, and on the impact of technology on contemporary society.
Type(s) of Publisher: Independent Publishers
Company Website:
Phone: 212 972 9877
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