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Subsidiary of:
Company Location(s): Grand Haven, MI
Description: Brilliance Audio, Inc, is the largest independent audiobook publisher in the United States. The company, founded by its current President and Publisher R. Michael Snodgrass in 1984, began with a mission to provide a quality listening experience at an affordable price, and continues that philosophy today.

From the early days of splicing tape to the current digital age, Brilliance Audio has always been at the forefront of recording and engineering spoken-word audio. Its headquarters, based in Grand Haven, Michigan, boasts digital recording studios specially designed and built for spoken word production. Staff directors, engineers and abridgers, working with a very experienced and talented team of freelancers, ensure high-quality production.

Our titles are offered in multiple formats, to fill the needs of a wide range of resellers and consumers. While staying true to our roots in unabridged recording, we also publish abridged versions of most of our titles for sale into price-sensitive markets. Consumers can purchase Brilliance Audio recordings on CD, on MP3-CD, or as downloads. We provide our titles to libraries in shelf-ready packaging, with an unprecedented lifetime replacement guarantee.

Brilliance produces its own recordings, as well as productions for other spoken-word audiobook publishers. With its own full duplication and packaging facility, and in-house graphic arts and advertising department, Brilliance is able to offer a wide range of audiobook publishing services.

Today, Brilliance Audio, Inc. maintains its commitment to providing the highest-quality listening experience for the best value. The company continues to earn its reputation for the best publishing program in the industry, the highest production standards, and the greatest value for consumers. Its team is highly skilled, nationally known, and committed to providing the best audiobook product available anywhere.
Type(s) of Publisher: Alternative Media
Company Website:
Phone: 616.846.5256
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