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Company Name: ABC-CLIO
Subsidiary of: ABC-CLIO
Company Location(s): Westport, CT
Imprints: ABC-CLIO
Greenwood Press
Libraries Unlimited
Books per Year: 500-600
Number of Employees: 180
Description: ABC-CLIO is an award-winning publisher of reference works, academic and general interest books, digital resources, and professional development publications and programs for librarians and educators.

With a 50+ year legacy of excellence and innovation, the company's well-respected publishing imprints include ABC-CLIO/Greenwood, providing students, teachers, and scholars in history, humanities and language arts disciplines an award-winning lineup of databases, print reference and resource books, and eBooks.

ABC-CLIO/Greenwood is widely recognized for high-quality, authoritative, reference scholarship and innovative coverage of history, humanities, and general interest topics across the secondary and higher education curriculum.

Praeger is well known for scholarly and professional books in the social sciences and humanities, with a unique emphasis on contemporary thought in modern history, military studies, psychology, business, current events and social issues, international affairs, politics, visual and performing arts, and literature. Praeger also publishes insightful and timely material on international security, including defense and foreign policy, strategy, regional security, military history, and terrorism.

Libraries Unlimited/Linworth Publishing publishes professional development materials for librarians, media specialists, and teachers and produces webinars and other professional learning events. The Libraries Unlimited imprint also includes the professional practice books of Linworth Publishing and its popular magazine LMC (Library Media Connection).

Together, the imprints in the ABC-CLIO portfolio have been recognized with the profession's most prestigious awards from educational and library professional publications, academic associations, and education, library, and technology industryorganizations.

Recognized in the library, research, and education communities as a leader and innovator in the field of high-quality reference and professional development publishing, ABC-CLIO's imprints consistently earn positive reviews from top academic, professional, and technology journals.

With the expanded publishing focus and reach resulting from ABC-CLIO's acquisition of Greenwood Publishing Group and the addition of Linworth Publishing to the Libraries Unlimited imprint, ABC-CLIO continues its legacy of change and evolution. Today and for the future, we are tapping the power of digital publishing tools, online distribution, and technology-enabled collaboration to make positive and substantial impacts on teaching, learning, and scholarship.
Type(s) of Publisher: Alternative Media
Educational Publishing
Professional and Scholarly Publishing
Trade Publishing: Adult
University Presses
Company Website:
Phone: 805-968-1911
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