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Program Name: Rosemont College: Graduate Publishing Programs
Education Awarded: M.A. in Publishing or Graduate Certificate in ePublishing
Description: The publishing industry is in a state of constant and rapid change. New technologies are driving these changes and those individuals who are looking to embark upon a career or enhance their career in publishing must be willing and able to change as well. Rosemont can help you prepare for this new publishing environment because our program is at the forefront of the field.

Our faculty members are industry professionals who currently work in the publishing field and bring hands-on, practical experience to our students. Faculty members also assist students in making connections, networking and thus starting or enhancing a career within the industry.

As a student, you will enjoy not only the opportunity to study your craft with our faculty, but there are also guest lecturers and other industry professionals who visit to campus to round out the academic experience.
Location: Rosemont, PA
Length: Students can complete the degree in 2 years. Classes meet in the evenings from 6-9 p.m.
Requirements / Eligibility: To apply to the M.A. in Publishing programs, the following must be completed:

1. Application. Either in paper accompanied by a non-refundable $50 fee, or online where the fee will be waived;
2. Request that all previous undergraduate (and graduate) institutions send official transcripts to Rosemont;
3. Request three letters of recommendation, preferably from those who can address your academic and/or professional competencies;
4. For applicants whose native language is not English, official copies of TOEFL scores are required;
5. Statement of purpose.
6. Writing (a business letter or report, for example) and/or design sample
7. Resume

Statement of Purpose: Please submit an essay (3-5 pages, typed, double-spaced) that addresses: What brought you to this program? What are your educational purposes in attending this program? Your professional goals?

Writing/Design Sample: A writing sample of at least 5-10 pages. For those pursuing design, submit a design sample.

All written documents (writing sample, statement of purpose, letters of recommendation) must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document to
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