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Publishing Events is sponsored by the Association of American Publishers, the National Trade Association for the U.S. book publishing industry.

Internship Detail

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Description: Consortium grew out of a small book wholesaling cooperative in 1985 to become a full-service book distributor. We quickly earned a reputation as an advocate for independent publishers. Our goal is to foster a vibrant community of independent publishers by distributing a diverse selection of thought-provoking books to the widest possible audience.

This is a fantastic opportunity for an aspiring writer or deep book lover to go backstage and learn!

Sales is not a dirty word! Before a book is in your hands it goes through many levels of “sale” that determine (among other things) where in the store you found it. Publishers have to excite their sales reps who in turn have to excite booksellers who, in the end, make their recommendations to you. In a tale of two books, otherwise equal, one is put face out and sells while the other collects dust. Our salesmanship can make all the difference. With books, sales is about passion—taking a book you love and succinctly communicating that enthusiasm is an art. A very powerful art—look at the story of Tinkers, the 2010 Pulitzer Prize Winner—it was made by dedicated sales reps and Independent booksellers!

If you have aspirations as a writer, this internship will give you invaluable insight into how the world you wish to join works.

Projects Include but are not limited to:
• Attend presales and new publisher visits
• Attend meetings: hot title, and monthly sales & marketing, company meetings
• Assist with research & content development of pitch letters sent to booksellers and reps
• Assist with processing seasonal sales rep reports (learn what booksellers really think!)
• Assist with new account queries, event orders & tracking
• Assist with sales materials and reporting (valuable Excel knowledge to be gained here)

Immediate Supervisor: Trade Sales Manager
Availability: 4-6 months; Time requirement: 12-15 hours per week

Length of Internship: 3 months
Requirements: Requirements of the position include:
• Curiosity about publishing and a love of books
• Strong personal initiative & the ability/willingness to work independently & ask a lot of questions
• Willingness to work with several departments on multiple projects
• Ability to organize and prioritize work, and to meet deadlines
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Basic familiarity with Microsoft Office: Word & Excel
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Application Due Date: January 1, 2012 - applications accepted on a rolling basis
Payment: Unpaid, but rich in résumé-building experience! We also work with institutions to grant academic credit.
How To Apply For This Internship: To apply, please spend time on our website,, then send a letter of introduction and résumé to: Ruth Berger, Trade Sales Manager,
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