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Internship Detail

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Description: ECommerce Partners, an online design, development and marketing firm seeks a content writer, preferably a college student looking for course credit and real-world experience. We are looking for someone creative and not so technical in writing ability.

The emphasis is on creativity, marketability and the ability to drive a reader to an action, such as clicking through to a product or other area of a website that we're promoting. We are absolutely not looking for a writer who focuses on SEO in their writing.

You will have near autonomy in the creative direction of the articles you write, shaped by which products we want to promote on a weekly or seasonal basis. SEO staff will give you direction on which keywords to include in article titles and content, so that you will develop the skill of SEO content writing to attract traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines as a resume builder to add to your portfolio.

In addition, an interest in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube would be a bonus. Writing would be your primary role, but a secondary role occupying perhaps 10-20% of your time would be to build the presence of clients' social profiles on these networks and other websites. This may include acquiring friends, posting daily updates, adding keyword tags and descriptions to videos and possibly acquiring links to our various client websites. Again, writing would be your primary focus and all other tasks would be secondary.
Length of Internship: 4 months
Requirements: ? Creative writing ? blog, newspaper, magazine and/or eZine style (please provide samples or links to published works)
? An interest in social networks like Facebook and Twitter
? An interest in web publishing and optimizing for search engines while maintaining creative voice and interest in your blogs and articles
? An interest in and ability or flexibility to write about various industries including women's fashion, gourmet food, pharma/medical, bed, bath & body and start-up products. There is no picking and choosing here ? we would have quotas for all client sites and need someone with the flexibility to write for all of them.
? Limited or no knowledge of SEO ? we do not want someone to regurgitate keywords in a dry and uncreative fashion. We want a blank canvas
Location: New York, NY (Downtown Manhattan, TriBeCa)
Application Due Date: Feb 28, 2010
Payment: Non-paid
How To Apply For This Internship: Highly interested candidates should include a fresh writing sample on the following topic: Imagine that you are trying to sell a book, "How to start an online business" by an unknown author with a price tag of $300, to young women between the ages of 21-30. Write copy with a maximum of 300 words that you would use to get prospects to buy.
Please send cover letter, resume, writing assignment and any other writing samples and/or links to your work to walvarez with the subject line "ECP - Entry level writing jobs"
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